Please note that songanize is in an early stage, we launched the product recently.

We will develop further functions and improve our apps continually. For help please contact us: We’re always happy about feedback and questions 🙂

Your songanize-team


Song sheet list

Upload: Drag and drop or tap in the upload zone to store your songs on songanize.
Please make sure that you legally own all uploaded documents. So, you have to create this sheet by your own or only use, if you downloaded it before, only free versions!

Refresh: Online click on your browsers refresh button. On mobile app pull-down (tap on top of page and wipe down) to reload the page.

View: Simply tap on a song. Please note that .doc and .xls cannot be viewed in a browser. Better upload PDF.

Edit: Add information to the song by taping the edit button.

Download: You can download it to any device anytime. Just tap on the cloud symbol.

Share: Press the orange share button and your group members see it in their personal song list.

Hide: Someone shared a song and you don’t like it? Hide it from your list by pressing the orange X.

Sort list: Simply tap on the headline of the table.



Some questions raise up when you use songanize. Hopefully you could find a quick solution with our FAQ´s

  1. A friend shared a song. Why can I not see it? 
    Simply please refresh your page. On mobile app pull-down (tap on top of page and wipe down) to reload the page.
  2. Can I use songanize just for myself?
    Yes of course. Songanize will help you to organize all your song sheets and take them everywhere on every device.
  3. Can I share my song sheet only with one person?
    Yes. Please create a group just for the two of you and you’ll be able to share with just one person.