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A genius is unique. But only 5% is inspiration, 95% is transpiration for musicians. 100% on top and you create a perfect event to wow your audience. Organize it easily with songanize.

Our mission is to create a world with more music. Music lights creativity, creates fancy moments, connect link-minded and, at the end, raise love for life. Be part of it!

We empower people to build musical networks, discover talents and celebrate events. Organize it easily and create perfect events with songanize or only have fun to make music. Over time you will definitely find out how to better develop your skills and introduce advanced systems to improve your musical performance!

songanize is in an early stage. Please send valuable feedback to webmaster (at) songanize.com and help us to better user experience and functionality quickly.


With songanize you receive a bunch of functionality:

On top we organize a backup to save your data regularly. If you´re switching your device or losing it, no problem, you receive all songs back from songanize at any time!

Important information:
songanize is a cost-free service. But ongoing operation of this platform is not free of expenses for us. That´s why we integrate some pieces of commercial advertising to finance development, services and availability.

Under no circumstance shall we have any liability to you for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the use of songanize or reliance on any information provided on songanize. Your use of songanize and your reliance on any information is solely at your own risk.


songanize is a service from musicians for musicians and planned to be free. This is the reason why we beg you to stay in also with some strong commitments.

When people communicate transparent and open, the whole community is more accountable to achieve a common goal: Make music and have fun!

Of course we are not accepting any discriminatory or generally misleading communication on songanize. Also you may not use our platform to violent someone else`s rights.

It is strongly forbidden to manipulate software code and upload viruses or malware to affect proper operations of platform and/or apps.

In such cases we can remove content, block your username or delete your account.


Shared documents on the Site may contain unacceptable, illegal or invalid content. Uploaded and shared content of users is not investigated, or checked for accuracy, adequacy, validity, reliability, availability, completeness, legality or legitimacy by us.

We are also not checking that the user who uploads documents like song sheets, lyrics, or files is the legal owner of this information. We are also not warrant, guarantee or step in responsibility for any copyright of a third party.


You have all rights on content you create and share at any time. No further permission takes away or remove your personal rights. It is up to you to share your content with anyone else.

For some todays and future services we need some extended permissions. Therefore you accept (with this terms) when you upload that we get a transferable and non-exclusive right to store, operate, distribute, modify, copy and translate uploaded data. This permission allows us, from a legal perspective, to operate the platform and deliver the announced services.

In addition you grant us the permission that we are allowed to update software at your devices at any time to improve software, remove bugs and roll out updated functionality.

You could quit these permissions by deleting your total account or single uploaded documents.