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You can trust us, your privacy is very important to us. This statement explains how songanize personal data processes, and for what purposes.

We offer various products and services, including software and mobile apps to share song sheets and organize contacts, bands or events. Please read all details of this privacy statement to understand how we interact with you.


Deliver an intuitive platform and an unique customer experience is our highest priority. Boost your creativity and ease your organizational stuff is the key to create successful bands. Concentrate your full energy on music …

To achieve this excellent level of functionality we need processes to support a level of continuous improvements. Therefore we collect personal data to better user experience over time.


songanize collects a minimum of data from you. You only have to provide an e-mail-address, all other personal information you could bring in voluntarily. Above this we collect some data about your interactions, use, and experiences with our products. The data we collect depends on the context of your interactions and the choices you make when you click ads and banner of sponsors.

You have choices when it comes to services you use and data you share. You can decline when we ask for personal data you don´t want to share or store. If you choose not to provide data you maybe cannot use some features.

Above you can see what type of personal data we collect.

Files We collect some additional data around your files to support the file management and handling (e.g. size, date, sharing information)

Contacts If you want to share files or events, you need to confer right to use contact data to process needed functionality (e.g. invitation, status tracking).

Devices We collect device data to personalize user experience, including IP-adress, browser, visited web site, location data.

Marketing songanize is a cost free and ad-funded offer. Some of you personal data is used to present fitting offers from potential or your prefered partners.


songanize uses data to provide you with innovative, interactive and unique experiences. So we use data to:

In addition we use personal data to operate our business or fulfill legal purposes.


You have full control about your personal data. In “Settings” you could make alternative choices, access or clear personal data. In this area you could also control all channels for your communication (e.g. e-mail, SMS, calls, …).


Cookies are text files placed on your PC or other devices to save data that can be used by a web server that placed the cookie. We use cookies for honoring preferences and settings, support you to sign in, providing advertising, and fulfilling other legitimate purposes.

We also use “web beacons”. Our websites may include web beacons, cookies, or similar technologies from third-party service providers.

You have a variety of tools to control the data collected by cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies. For example, you can use controls in your internet browser to limit how the websites you visit are able to use cookies and to withdraw your consent by clearing or blocking cookies.


There are some good reasons, why we share your data with others. Our main principle is to limit access to personal data to a minimum. The following organizations support to process this unique and world-class solution:

External partnersWe work with reliable and well-known IT-service and support partners. They are fully committed and legally binded to our project. They work with clear instructions and are well educated in a trustable handling of personal data. To hit all obligations of current data privacy law is to be sure.

Your contacts If you allow sharing of personal data, we for example update your profile data for your connected contacts.

Our administrators Some of our administration work is outsourced. The external administrators help us to keep all needed processes alive. In some cases they need e.g. IP- and/or e-mail-adress to fix software bugs and finish trouble shooting routines.


We guarantee, that we work under the valid legal base of current “EU-Datenschutz-Grundverordnung (DSGVO, 25.05.2018)”. We reserve our right to update this policy.

If you have additional questions, please contact webmaster (at) personally.